Like these little guys I am making tracks.. although not on my belly tobogganing on ice..

After an incredible trip to Antarctica for the ABC and blogging all the way, I am headed off ’round the world.. my way.

I am not really sure of what is ahead. I have general plans, but I have not looked too hard at what I must see and do. So I am open to suggestions.

I am flying to the Chilean capital Santiago for a few days then headed to Easter Island. I’ll eventually get to Tierra del Fuego to wave at the Antarctic Peninsula over the Drake Passage.

My plane leaves tomorrow.




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  1. Sue Cal #
    February 12, 2012

    I admire your plans and even feel a little envy. Go and live out your dreams. You won’t regret it. Life is to live. Thank you for the Anarctic adventure. Cheers Sue

  2. Cate Blackmore #
    February 12, 2012

    Wonderful pics. How long are you away for? If you are heading to Europe I’d look at Traditional dog-sledding in and around Sarek National Park, about 63 degrees north (Sweden but trips go to Norwegian border as well). If it’s a long trip, go to Svalbard (Norway). 80 degrees north and something to behold. Polar Bears, arctic foxes, heaps of whales, seals, walrus, amazing birdlife, arctic reindeer, etc etc. Has to be on a cruise ship but they are relatively small (bears a tad dangerous on land). If you are going to Scandinavia at all let me know. We have a house in Sweden and know it reasonably well. Have a wonderful time wherever you end up!

    • February 12, 2012

      My trip is open ended. I mean I have a return ticket but I can change the date easily. Norway is on my itinerary! I will be there in May. Near the northern winter. I have not made specific plans that far ahead, but as soon as I am on the plane I guess I’ll be able to do that more.

    • entendered #
      February 12, 2012

      Norway’s wonderful. You should also definitely try to get to Belgium for Ronde Van Vlanderen. It’s the one bike race you have to see live. And then of course there’s all the abbeys and pubs in Belgium that should be visited while you’re there. There’s a lovely barge hostel in Ghent that I’d highly recommend.

      Wherever you go, however you get there, I hope you have the best time journeying.

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